About My Signature Cub

About us

Who are we?

Mrs U & Mrs A.. two sisters and first time mums! Ours little Cubs are 9 months apart and love to feature in our images!

Only recently having had our first babies, this is what we found…

  • Babies don’t sleep!
  • Motherhood is hard.. yet so rewarding
  • Coffee is drank cold in the first 6 month after giving birth
  • And finally everyone (and I mean everyone) loves to gift!

I (Mrs U) found I was gifted way too many dresses that my little girl Asiya never got to wear! 9 months later Mrs A has her baby girl Selina and the same happened too! What are we going to do with so many dresses and booties?!! (However, we were (still are) so grateful for all our friends and families kindness and love for gifting us such beautiful items!!)

It all came down to one thing; we had nothing sentimental that we could keep for Asiya and Selina for their birth memory box! And thus our dream to start My Signature Cub began! Our babies had so many items with their very own signature and they loved them! We can’t wait to show them both all the little clothes/products we created with their names on!

Not only did we want sentimental keepsakes but we wanted presentation to be the most unique we’d ever had. Origami has always been something that’s made us so creative and what better way to start a business than to use our creativeness! Our Signature Cupcake Boxes (WARNING! They’re baked with love but not real!) are our unique gift box we started with and still is the most popular amongst our growing products! It’s practical for new mummy’s and something they will most definitely use! (You can never have too many vests or babygrows!)

May 2017 a dream became reality, hard work, sleepless nights (because teething sucks!) and busy days with babies! We’ve made it and ready to develop & succeed further with the help of all our supporters!

Welcome to our dream… like our little Cubs, we can’t wait to create your little Cubs Signature Items too!